New to L.V.S. is Nanoblading, a semi permanent eyebrow technique, so whether you have minimal or no eyebrows or just want to enhance you’re own, this is a great choice for you, normally, this can cost up to £395 but here at L.V.S, we want to make these treatments affordable for everyone.. so our prices start from £120.  The treatment lasts for up to and beyond 4 years.

Nanoblading…. and this is why it is different to Microblading…. we are the only salon in the local vacinity to offer this…


First off, it’s not all about the blade…

It uses finer needles

According to brow experts, the treatment “involves the same technique but with super fine, flexible needles rather than a blade.” The fact the the needles are very thin and flexible allows for extreme accuracy, a more precise application of pigment and many practitioners and clients believe that it creates a more natural-looking final result than microblading.

It’s less painful

Although perceptions of pain are highly subjective, the fine, flexible needles used during a nanoblading treatment are less painful than the harder blades used in microblading. Either way you’ll have an anaesthetic cream applied before the treatment.