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 About Us 

 We are a small team of passionate people, in a relaxed, friendly environment and we care about what we do.  It’s important to us that you walk in and feel comfortable, looked after and not intimidated.  We like to have a ‘personality’ and want to make sure that from when you walk in to when you leave, you have the best experience we can offer.  If not, we would really love your feedback to improve what we do.

Our mission is to be a ‘gem’ in a village location.  Offering all the services and expertise that you could obtain in a large town or city, but don’t want to pay for the travel, or hassle but want to be assured of the level of service and quality you can rely on, with a smaller ‘price tag’.

We love what we do and are good at it.   

Hair Extensions;

If you’ve had a negative experience with extensions, or are unsure, Emily is ‘The Queen’ of hair extensions.  Whichever you choose, or if you don’t really know or are unsure, she will be more than happy to give you a consultation so you can achieve your desired look.  We have many options for this, to suit every pocket.. including finance.. so you can hide/spread the cost!  

Hair Colouring/Cutting; 

All the latest styles, we keep up to date; Balayage, Ombre, blondes, anything colour, we can really help in realising what you’d would like to achieve, just bring along a Pinterest pic and we can chat through colours in a free consultation.

Restyle, cut, kids too, don’t worry about bringing them in with you, we are all on the same wavelength and understand the ‘juggling’ that we all have to do… just let us know.   We are small, friendly and we do Coffee and Tea.. and biscuits too!  

Hair Replacement System;  Men and Women.

We have an amazing system for men and women, new to East Anglia, and more friendly on the pocket than you can find anywhere else…similar to hair extensions, but if, like me (Jo – with thinning hair in the front and back) you are unable to have extensions, this is an alternative, topper system that you can wear like ‘real’ hair..  every day, with little maintenance, the same as having your hair cut/coloured.