Little Village Salon Privacy Policy (our) promise to you.

Our somewhat different take on a Privacy Policy

In an age where you have to register for this and register for that. We believe in a simple straight forward approach to how we use your data.

We may plant a cookie, (that’s not a biscuit) on your browser, it’s a simple bit of code that allows us to follow you around the internet and entice you back to see our wonderful salon. You can of course do one of three things.

1. Be inspired to visit us whenever you need our amazing services.

2. Ignore us and let us feel un-loved

3. Clear your cache and never hear from us again, that of course will make us feel very sad!

But you have our absolute word we will never, ever, ever (get the point, never ever) share your details with anyone, ever. Just to make sure you really understand, we really won’t EVER share your details!

If we are lucky enough to enter your details onto our little database system (SalonIQ) we may send you a virtual birthday card, we may say ‘hey it’s time to book in again to make yourself even more gorgeous’ if indeed that is even possible x. If however you don’t want to see our little messages all you have to do is say no thanks and we will never bother you again. We may have to go to the pub and console ourselves but you will never be messaged again.

Now you know that we hope to see you often and we hope you won’t mind if we keep in touch.